2023 Year in Review. What's in Store for 2024!?

2023 Year in Review. What's in Store for 2024!?

We had another great turnout at the Wacom Experience Center, Thursday, January 25th 2024. We kicked off the event mingling and viewing some members latest reels. A panel of speakers discussed their visions for 2024, shared industry knowledge, and provided valuable insights.

Big thank you to our  guest speakers:

Chris Roth: Executive Director at The Other House
Jordan Giboney: Solutions Engineer at Autodesk
Jared Hobbs: Executive Director at Deep Sky and Imaginary Planet

Local member reels:

Some events we'll get to showcase member's reels. The following artists shared their work which was played at the Wacom Experience Center during social hour.

Rev Storm https://www.instagram.com/humansbgone/

Graham Hartlaub https://youtu.be/M6a6H2NDVqU

Sam Hull https://softboxfilms.com/about/

Darren Pasemko https://vimeo.com/806083425 thesweetdood.com

Nathan Woosley https://www.nathanwoosley.com

Jacob Salsbury https://vimeo.com/904359595

Shawn Stephens https://shawndinhstephens.myportfolio.com/vfx

Ron Anderson https://vimeo.com/663562018

Dan Ortiz https://vimeo.com/902339434

Adrian Parat adrianparat.com

Zachary Margolis zakmargolis.com

Matt Ebling mattebling.com

Tyler Benjamin @tyler_b_design

Matt Stark mattstark.co

Vaughn Zeitzwolfe