AEPDX is brewing another big showcase event for this year’s Design Week Portland coming up in April.

DRAEMS / I’m looking for talented local animators, motion designers, and video people to create an original piece of work! This is an early call for people who are interested (there are a limited number of spots) so please contact me here or on Twitter. Share a link to your reel or some recent work to be considered.

REEL REVIEW 2017 / Get your reel reviewed by professionals.

View the DRAEMS event in its entirety at:

DRAEMS Winners

1ST Place: PMurphy & Meg Hunt / 1-Year Adobe CC
2ND Place: Devin Gustafson / $250 Toolfarm Credit
3RD Place: Brian Smith & Blain Klitzke / $150 Toolfarm Credit
Drawing Winner: Everett Patterson / $75 Toolfarm Credit